Our Philosophy

The field of vascular surgery is versatile and equally fascinating. Perhaps advancing with the fastest pace among all surgical specialties, an adept vascular surgeon – or tactician – today, may now choose to tackle any particular case with many options in his/her repertoire. This may include a more conservative approach, open repair, endovascular, or a hybrid of the three; with each approach further branching into a web of procedures.

We at VEVS strive to unveil all of the fascinating parts about vascular surgery to every interested student. Similarly, we will provide service to members of our medical community through furthering the education of medicine we receive at UB, and support students no matter what they aspire to become. By allowing students to explore the rapidly developing field of vascular surgery, and create a more academically diverse, informed, and connected student body, we hope that students become aware of what vascular and endovascular surgery is; and, as it applies to the  treatment and support for those with vascular disease.

Our Approach

We would like our interest group to be just as versatile as the nature of vascular surgery. Our main mission is to unveil the relevance and innovation of vascular and endovascular surgery. With the unprecedented interest in students interested in learning and pursuing the surgical field, we can also shed light on what it requires to be a competitive surgical candidate. Finally, we seek to advance excellence and education in vascular health through advocacy, research and public awareness.

Our Story

The inspiration for VEVS can be largely contributed to the vascular surgery program here at UB, which is headed by multiple distinguished surgeons and professors. Its surgeons and residents are well-balanced, as they are highly trained and highly researched; work in facilities and utilize equipment that are state of the art; sponsor events locally and nationally, and are generous in giving students exposure. We will use these resources to their full potential, as well as disseminate and advocate the field of vascular surgery to anyone who is interested.