Clerkship advice to MS2

I had the pleasure of talking to some MS2 who are interested in surgery recently regarding the most optimal way to set up the their third year clerkship. The general ideas are below: Try to take surgery clerkship in the latter half of the year if you can. It helps if you have a decent […]


Enjoy the pictures below from our good times at EVS, at Savannah GA. What a great conference, filled with great networking, fascinating presentations and fun people!

Podcast – Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Please feel free to listen to the unedited version of the podcast episode I created for Surgery 101, sponsored by University of Alberta. It is on chronic venous insufficiency, a topic I believe students do not learn enough about in medical school. My recording starts at 1 minute mark. Enjoy!

Missions and Activities of VEVS

Missions: Promote, encourage and improve the dissemination of knowledge concerning all aspects of vascular disease and health. Provide relevance of vascular surgery to many other surgical subspecialties, including but not limited to general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, colorectal surgery, transplant, etc, serving as a common platform to engage inter-professional communication and collaboration. Provide […]