MENTICE Endovascular Trainer Event at Jacobs Institute

On Friday UBVEVS organized an event at Gates Vascular Institute in the Jacobs Institute. The JI works with all vendors in medical technology in order provide the best care possible to patients by advancing technology and training physicians. It was an absolute priviledge to be there. Here are some interesting facts we learned about the JI from our event!

  1. 3D printers are utilized in order to reconstruct complex anatomy for surgeons to not only visualize better but also train on.
  2. The MENTICE Endovascular simulator is state of the art trainer in which many interventionalists are trained on before being allowed to take lead on a live patient.
  3. Neurosurgical Residents spoke to M1 and M2 students about how to be competitive for a residency and gave general advice on how to be successful in medical school and life.

The students were shown how the MENTICE works and some were allowed to try it. All the students were given cards of contact for scheduling more time on the endovascular simulator. Chong and I were instantly hooked with the complexity and again the competitive spirit came out. An interesting question we had was if the MENTICE has been proven through either a retrospective or more prefereably a prospective study to be an effective tool in increasing a surgeons skills in the endovascular suite.


Here are some pictures from our event! Hope you enjoy!

Gaurang Joshi and Chong Li (Current Co-Presidents) next to the MENTICE Endovascular Simulator.

M1 and M2 students listening to the advice from our residents.

Chong Li demonstrating the MENTICE.

Students learning about 3D printing and how surgeons can use these models to train using specifications unique to their patients.

Flouro image with contrast into some blood vessels. Can you guess where?

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