Missions and Activities of VEVS


  • Promote, encourage and improve the dissemination of knowledge concerning all aspects of vascular disease and health.
  • Provide relevance of vascular surgery to many other surgical subspecialties, including but not limited to general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, colorectal surgery, transplant, etc, serving as a common platform to engage inter-professional communication and collaboration.
  • Provide education for aspiring surgeons in new science, surgical techniques and practice, especially in vascular and endovascular surgery and medicine.
  • Serve as a strong advocate for members in pursuing all areas of vascular surgery and endovascular surgery, such as mentorship, research and residency application.
  • Promote clinical and basic research in vascular surgery and disease.
  • Provide opportunities to attend grand rounds, conferences and dinner talks where knowledge and networking can be disseminated.
  • Introduce new techniques and technology for diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in vascular surgery education, training and research.



  • Mentorship with prominent vascular surgeons such as Drs. Linda Harris, Hasan Dosluoglu, Gregory Cherr, Maciej Dryjski, James Lukan, and many more.
  • Opportunities to branch out to the fields of trauma, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, hand surgery, surgical oncology, and many more surgical subspecialties with relevance to vascular surgery.
  • Shadowing opportunities on basic and cutting edge procedures in vascular surgery, endovascular surgery, and vascular medicine.
  • Research opportunities with opportunities of authorship, presentation and attending conferences.
  • High yield lectures on vascular surgery, endovascular procedures with much relevance to basic medical school knowledge, general surgery and other surgical subspecialties.
  • Talks and tips on getting the surgical residency you want, with focus in vascular surgery and the rapid increase in programs with 0+5 integrated vascular surgery residency.
  • Development of basic surgical skills such as suturing, knot tying, dissection, anastomosis, recognition of anatomy and many more, with focus on vascular surgery.
  • Endovascular skills labs introducing and honing techniques such as endovascular access and closure, stenting, angioplasty and flow models at the Jacobs Institute
  • Society of Vascular Surgery memberships with opportunities to attend annual SVS meeting, Veith symposium, WNY vascular surgery symposium, and many more.
  • Opportunities to attend monthly dinner talk at the Buffalo Club on recent development and practice of vascular surgeons from all over the country.
  • Community outreach on raising awareness on vascular disease (yes diabetes is a vascular disease), and prevention.

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