Surgical Simulation Suite at Jacobs School of Medicine

Today we were given an opportunity to try our hand at some surgical simulators in the brand new Jacobs School of Medicine in the downtown. We must say that it was quite a lovely experience. Obviously, the competitive sides of us came out, but it was all in good fun and learning. During this experience some news paper and magazine photographers were taking our pictures for various commercial uses. Hopefully these unfiltered and unedited pictures should suffice to show the collegial and competitive nature, before the real deal comes out!


What does Vascular Surgery, 3d printing and millions of dollars of engineering have in common? This Friday we are hosting an event at Gates Vascular Institute on Friday at 4pm. Unfortunately we have had to cap the event due to the popularity and the space and equipment were using. But stay tuned for pictures and the answer.

Gaurang Joshi and Chong Li, focusing on a laparoscopic simulator.


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